How we work – The Partner

The Partner

Do you want to enjoy the potential profits of buying low and selling high? Are you looking for a great return on your investment? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then entering into a partnership with The Whole Nation, Inc. is the right choice for you. The only tax implication that you will incur will be to declare the interest payments you receive on your Canadian Income Tax return. We will issue you an official receipt for income tax purposes.

When you become a partner with The Whole Nation, Inc. we will enter into a five year agreement (which may be extended with a renegotiated interest rate if the property has not appreciated sufficiently to warrant selling). During this time, you will receive a rate of return of 4% per annum paid monthly. After 5 years, we will sell the property and split the profits 60/40 (60% for you and 40% for The Whole Nation).

We will use your money and The Whole Nation’s expertise to purchase the best suited properties that will maximize our profits. We will purchase properties that generate excellent monthly cash flow but which we also predict will rapidly increase in value. Many of the home we purchase are distressed homes which are selling substantially below market value. We repair and renovate these homes, arrange for a tenant and look after all aspects of managing the property. If there is an unexpected maintenance issue The Whole Nation will look after it. You will continue to receive your 4% interest.

We will look after everything including interacting with our power team. We have an excellent team of lawyers and Title & Deed specialists who will ensure the property is free and clear of any liens or outstanding payments. Our fantastic Project Manager will supervise all renovations and rework that is required. We have a great Property Manager who will look after the properties, the tenants, and the rent collection.

We will arrange so that you will hold the first mortgage against the investment properties (even though we will have paid cash for them). This will help keep your principal safe in the unlikely event that something unexpected happens with one of the properties (e.g.: someone injures themselves at a property and attempts to sue our LLC). If we have to sell the house, the lawyers will clear the mortgage by paying you back your principal before any other payouts are made to a claimant so you are protected and will get your money back.

An example:

We use $60,000 of your money to purchase a property including closing/holding fees and renovations to improve the property to be able to attract a good tenant.

Every month you will receive a cheque from The Whole Nation for $200 (4% per annum simple interest, paid monthly) which is $2400 per year.

During the entire duration of the partnership agreement, The Whole Nation will manage the property and look after all tenant issues, maintenance, US tax filing, etc. You will only have to deposit your monthly cheque.

After five years we will sell the property (assuming both parties agree as there is an acceptable level of appreciation). In this example let’s assume that the property sells for $120,000 (after realtor and legal fees), the $60,000 profit will be split 60/40 between you (the investor) and The Whole Nation. In this example, you will receive $36,000 at the sale of the property.

Your total income then becomes $48,000 ($2400/yr for 5 years plus $36,000 at the sale). This would make your effective rate of return 80% which is 16% per year for the 5 years.

Note: The values provided above are only an example of potential profits. They are in no way a guarantee or a limitation of the actual returns an investor will realize.