How we work – An Overview

There are three ways that The Whole Nation, Inc. can help you make money in US real estate:

1. The Investor: You have some money to invest and you are looking for an excellent return on investment without any hassles or complications. This is the least complicated method to earn money. Invest your money with us (minimum $25,000 for two years – you may cancel with as little as 60 days notice) and we pay you between 5% and 7% interest on your money. There are no US tax implications – just an excellent return on your investment. Click here for more information.

2. The Buyer: You want to own your own property whether for investment purposes or a place for yourself to enjoy. We will find you a property based on your requirements and desires. We will ensure that it is in excellent condition and if it is an investment property we will find you your first tenant and connect you with an excellent property manager. Click here for more details.

3. The Partner: You want to take advantage of the low housing prices in the US and you want a fair share of the profit but you do not want the hassel of filing US taxes or dealing with landlord issues encountered when owning a property. We will enter into a five to ten year partnership agreement where your money will be used to purchase a property but the property will be held and fully managed by The Whole Nation. This avoids all US tax implications for you. We will look after all maintenance, tenant issues, etc. You will earn 4% simple interest per annum on your investment (paid monthly) PLUS 60% of the profits that are realized when the property is sold. Click here for more details.

In all three cases described above, we will ensure that you will hold a mortgage against properties for the amount invested. This way in the extremely unlikely event that something catastrophic happens (e.g.: a tenant sues and the property has to be sold), your principal will be returned automatically to you when the property sells. You will get paid back before anyone else. So your capital investment will be protected by the real estate in which you have invested.